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R and ggplot for SQL Server Backup History

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Now that you have a connection from R to SQL, WOO HOO, what the heck do you do with it? Well for starters all of the reports that you wish Microsoft would write and ship with SSMS, now is your chance to do it yourself.

I will give you a few scripts every now and then just to get you started, I don’t have a production environment and I don’t have access to one so when I offer t-sql and R it will be from whatever data I can generate for a rudimentary test. If you have more data over a longer period of time, I may be interested in looking at it just to test out a bit. I am not going to write a system for you, but I can get you started. And i make no promises that when you run my code it wont blow chunks, my life time running joke is that i would never run my code in production, so i would certainly advise you not to either. Just consider everything i do introductory demos.

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