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Public Data for Practice

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It is no secret that i will frequently use my blogs as a resource for me to collect and store my own thoughts and to remember where i put things, and i kinda figure if i need to learn something and write it down, others can probably benefit from it.  This particular post will be a living post as i am always finding new public data sources i need to remember.   Some off my links will be duplicated in other links. Some of these will be required for some future blogs of R training scripts.

The Equality of Opportunity Project

Science and Engineering Doctorates

United States Education Data (Maintained on the USDA site.. )

Social Security Data Files by Title

Florida Data

Florida Election Watch

US Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Google Public Data

The New York Independent System Operator (power grid)

Generically Awesome Public Datasets

Amazon Public Data Sets

Check out the Data Section

Kaggle Datasets

UCI Machine Learning Repository

Yahoo Datasets

New York Public Library