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Fall 2017 SQL Intersections

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The link to my sessions are here, which will lead you to other sessions as well.

This year there is an Analytics and Data Science track which includes the content i will be delivering related to SQL R, Data Science, and Visualization, but also Stacia Varga and David Pless delivering topics on Data Warehouse, SSIS, Reporting Services Mobile, and Power BI. Jam packed track, i am glad to see this.

I will be delivering my first Workshop this year, which means i am probably going to write 20 hours of content and scripts that i will attempt to stuff into 8 hours, all the better for you! The Workshop is Introduction to Statistical Learning and Graphics with SQL Server and R. That title is entirely too long, but here is what you get; The goal is to break down the intimidating barriers to R and find ways for you to use it everyday. Graphics are great troubleshooting tools, and i will have a few scripts and graphics for you to take into your everyday life. Additionally, using the ODBC package, you can connect to any version of SQL Server! This is independent of the Revolution R packages that ship with SQL, those can be used as well, but they are better saved for big data and data science stuff, but don’t fret we will be discussing that at a high level too.

Spring Intersections 2017

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Spring SQL Intersections 2017 is over, to those who attended I hope you enjoyed the sessions and found everything presented useful! I led the Data Science track this spring and plan on presenting many more sessions in the years to come. I have presented before, and I have presented at intersections before, but this was my first foray into original data science content, or to be more accurate, statistical learning content.

How do I Data Science?

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Spring, SQL Intersections, and Posts

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I have been in academic mode since January hence the lack of posts, on the bright side come June i will have a bout 40 posts minimum i will need to start pumping out, so look forward to that.

Much to read below, but fill out this survey if you please!
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